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department, Miss Wilhelmina’s ▓in the elegant arrangement of fruit a▓nd flowers, and Miss Lucretia’s in the selectio▓n of sweets and solid

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s least hurtful to th●e gastronomic and digestive powe▓rs, was to be unequalled. In t

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he front d●rawing-room the Misses and Messrs●.Brown and their train of boarders sat ●

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in imposing state.The covers had all bee▓n removed from the couches, chairs▓-lounges, ottomans, etc.,

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displayin●g a variety of embroidery by the fair finge●rs of Miss Wilhelmina, and t●he s

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plendid designs of Mr.Gustavus.T▓he harp was uncovered; the guitar,● with its broad blue r

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ibbon, laid ca▓relessly on the grand piano-forte, which was o●pen; and at his post on the musi

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c-stool sat Mr.▓ Gilbert Givevoice, fair and famous, sm▓iling very sweetly on his ta●ll pupil, Miss Wilhelmina, who▓ was in earnest conversation by his si▓de.Miss Brow

n was on the sofa, looking wiser▓ and grander than ever.A vacant place was lef●t beside her, which no one thought of taking, fo▓r that it was designed for Miss Harcourt be▓ing as well known as if the name ●had been chalked up on the wall behind.Pres▓ently all the presentable inhabitants ▓of Briarstone flocked in, attired i▓n their very best, and satisf●ying Miss Brown as to the imposing appeara▓nce of her saloon.The back drawing-r▓oom, somewhat less brilliantly lighted, was ●occupied, as usual, by three or ▓four sets of lovers.The blue room o▓pened from it, and Laura was there e●nsconced as Miss Angelica’s aid extraor●dinary.The door being thrown▓ open permitted a full view of the two▓

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